Homage to Durer

It started with an innocent image. A photo of a hosta plant was sent to me by a friend. I responded to the image by telling him that I did not like hosta plants. They grew like weeds around my house, and every time I dug a plant up to give to someone, it seemed like another two plants grew in its place. More hostas than I knew what to do with.

The friend then drew my attention to Albrecht Durer’s watercolor, “The Great Piece of Turf.” It is quite lovely. It was also a surprise because the first images that formed in my mind about Durer’s work are his woodcuts which are black and white.

So with Durer’s woodcuts and watercolors in mind, I paid closer attention to the vegetation around me, incorporating shrubbery and trees, and translating the world into black and white images.

The series numbers has gone beyond 100 images.