My fine art work is varied and covers different ways that I see the world. The work can cover simple things such as the color red or more complex issues that raise questions about social class, about where we live, and how we live and function in the world. It covers the things we collect in life, such as Beanie Babies, as well as the things we build, such as roadside attractions like Holy Land U.S.A.

I am passionate about photographing animals. I do this as formal portraits in black and white inspired by Hollywood's glamorous studio portraits of the 1930s and 1940s which relied heavily on dramatic lighting and dark backgrounds. Each animal--dog, cat, and even horse--is brought into sharp focus with fur illuminated, expressions captured, and personalities revealed. In addition to this work, I also spend time photographing animals in their own environment, often in color. A collection of this work will be published in the near future.